The story of my Catholic big brother, it started off great.

When I was just a kid living in Harlem, with no male role models, my mother decided to get me a big brother from the catholic charities,

I believe my mother's thoughts were, this will help me out, and make me come out of my shell.

One day I was walking down the street with a friend of mine, and parked in front of my apartment house, was a really long black car, and a man standing outside the back door of this really long black beautiful car.

I said to the man, that is a great looking car, is it yours? he said no I am the chauffer, I just drive the car, I asked, then who's car is it? he pointed to my apartment building, and said he is in there.

I ran inside to see who this person was that owned this beautiful car.

I get up to the apartment to find, it is my new big brother, and the car was there to take me to the worlds fair in Flatbush NY.  

So the limo takes us to the worlds fair, it was great, then another time I went to see Mary Poppins at Radio City Music Hall, then after that we just spent time at his house in Poughkeepsie.

After a short while, I was informed, that my brother John would also be a part of the big brother deal, so now I had to share my big brother with my real big brother, for me this really sucked I did not want to share.

Then one day I realized, the big brother had not been around for a long time, no one thought it was important to tell me that he would not be coming around anymore.

I had to figure it out for myself, remember, I was the quite one.

Abandoned again, without a single word from anyone.