The Son of Sam

I lived in the Bronx, in the summer of Sam, and I am still pissed off at that asshole.

You have no idea how hard it was to get laid in the summer of Sam.

It was hard enough to get a young lady to go parking with me in the first place.

But add the fact that some crazy asshole was shooting couples in parked cars, and it was the summer of cold showers.

Now I don't want to complain, but those opportunities were gone forever.

And I never had another chance with those girls.

They were not willing to take the chance of having their heads blown off, just to go parking with me.

You see I was willing to take the chance.

But for some reason, the girls in my neighborhood, would not, and even got mad at me for suggesting, that we should go parking.

And there was not enough alcohol in the whole world that would change their minds.

So for this I have a personal beef with The Son Of Sam, you ruined one of the best years of my life. Dick!!!.